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My Vocab Sheep

My Vocab Sheep is a Vocabulary and Kanji APP made for Windows and Android.

Slyce // 3dAnimation

main features:
-easy navigation: swipe to go next/prev, click to toggle solution
-create new lists with any spreadSheet editor (excel, google sheets etc.)
-sort vocabulary into categories (nouns, -ru verbs, -u verbs etc.)
-tap and hold to remove the current word from the list (can be restored anytime)
-save your session (remembers the current word & lesson, removed words etc.)
-switch between a dark and white color theme
-have an awesome sheep icon on your homescreen :)

Slyce // 3dAnimation

Here you can download the App for Windows and Android as .zip file:
download Windows Version - 10 MB
download Android Version - 7 MB

Although a readme with installation instructions is included, here is the gist of it:
-WINDOWS: simply start the exe (needs java)
-ANDROID: copy the folder "MyVocabSheep" to the root of your phone SD. After that just install the APK

New Vocabulary:
-WINDOWS: locate the folder "MyVocabSheep/data/" and edit/create .csv files there
-ANDROID: locate the folder "MyVocabSheep" in the root of your phone, edit/create .csv files in there

Everything was done with processing 3.0.

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