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NIVA is our Master-Degree project at Salzburg University of Applied Sciences: - official homepage
NIVA on Facebook
NIVA at A-Maze Festival in Berlin 2016

NIVA is a Singleplayer Exploration-Art Game for PC. In the game you take the role of a mighty forestgod that has the ability to grow and wither plants at will. By exploring a colorful forest inhabited with all kinds of unique creatures, the player realizes that something is wrong and therefore tries to restore the balance. By using his powers the forestgod is able to solve various conflicts and sustainably change the environment. The painterly art style and relaxing atmosphere invite the player to investigate even the furthest parts of the forest, where some secrets might await.

As with our first game project YoKaisho I was again part of the game design team and responsible for various 3D-tasks, including modelling, rigging, animation, texturing and integration into Unity. Furthermore I was responsible for leveldesign and even did some scripting - especially during the prototyping phase, which I enjoyed a lot.

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